Profession Grubbs's Werewolf army, General
Gender Female
Species Werewolf
Relatives Grady family
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata
First Book Appearance "Hell's Heroes"
Last Book Appearance "Hell's Heroes"

Curly was one of the only surviving werewolves that was originally from Wolf Island. Curly, Moe, and Larry were all named by Grubbs after the 3 Stooges because of sentimental reasons linked to his uncle, Dervish.

The Demonata Edit

Wolf Island Edit

Curly may have been in the book Wolf Island, where a female werewolf challenged Grubbs for leadership. Luckily Grubbs spared her life for over the pack.

Hell's HeroesEdit

Curly, along with Larry and Moe, were the only three were wolves originally from Wolf Island. she seems to be Grubbs' second to command as she keeps all the other were wolves in line while Grubbs is gone. She was very loyal to Grubbs, even following him into the universe of the Demonata. The universe they chose was the abandoned one with the living lake and skeletal trees with fleshy leaves. She was possessed by Bec who came, too late, to warn about what was to come, Lord Loss' Familiars, which were mostly fed to the Demon Master in the centre of the world. The lake was a Demon Master! Bec gave control of Curly's body back but too late as she was later ambushed by demons. Grubbs remarked on how much he would miss her.

Appearances Edit

hells heroes

wolf island


She was very loyal to Grubbs and acted as pack leader when he was absent. Curly was said to be sharp and fierce, and ruthless as it was said that there are no second chances with her.

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