Magicians are very rare and powerful people. There are no more than two or three born every century. Unlike mages, who have to encounter a demon for their power to awaken and can only use their full power when in contact with demons, magicians are born with all of their power. They can use it even if their is no demon magic in the air. According to Beranabus, magicians are born with the power to change the shape of the world with a snap of their fingers. He also beleives that magicians are the universes champions against the demons, and are born to prevent demons from overtaking humanity. Magicians can recognize other magicians simply by looking at them because they can see each others power. Grubbs Grady is the only known magician that was able to hide his power from birth. Even when he encountered demons he full power was not unleashed due to him being a part of the legendary weapon the Kah-Gash. Magicians will usually outlive humans because they spend time fighting in the Demonata universe where time works differently but they never outlive them by much because demons will get them eventually. Beranabus is the exception as he is half demon which dramatically extends his life span. Even though magicians are way stronger than mages they are still nowhere near as strong as demon masters but can hold their own for a while.