The Origin Board is a powerful magical artefact gifted to ancient mages predating the Druids by the Old Creatures. It is described as the "original" board, that by which the universe was modelled after.

The board was not intended to be used as a game board but it was fashioned into one, and that is how chess was created.

Owners Edit

There have been countless owners of the Origin Board however the only ones known by name are Drust and Lord Loss. Druids have guarded the board for generations, and before them ancient mages who were originally gifted with the board protected it.

Magical Properties Edit

The Origin Board has one magical property, that is it being a scaled down model of the universe.

If the owner knows how to use the board they can transport people inside of it as shown by Lord Loss in Demon Thief. The board contains a multitude of demons both powerful and weak. Each square of the board represents a different world which those inside can move between, the only difference being dark spaces are devoid of natural light.