Raz Warlo
Profession Disciple
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Deceased
Background Information
Book Universe The Demonata
First Book Appearance "Demon Thief"

Raz Warlo was a Disciple, one of the people with Beranabus when Kernel Fleck first joined in Demon Thief.

Appearances Edit

He is black and Kernel says that if he was to close his eyes on a dark night in his dark suit, he will be almost invisible.

The DemonataEdit

Demon ThiefEdit

He is killed during a fight with Demonata which Kernel Fleck witnesses. He was buried in the Demonata universe and Kernel liked him. Kernel was very fond of Raz.

Dark CallingEdit

An Old Creatures takes on the form of his dead friend Raz to give Kernel something good to look at instead of an energy ball.